Armed Love

Armed Love

Armed Love – English Subtitles

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Armed Love - English Subtitles

Armed Love

Love, the central character in this film, is a certified psychologist who specializes in dealing with wayward and rebellious youths. She is currently preparing for her wedding with Maksim. One night when driving home, Max and Love are involved in an accident after their car hits a man on the road. On examining the body, Max is shocked to discover that the man is dead. Suddenly three men appear, Sancho, Thrush and Kid who threaten to go to the police and claim they witnessed the fatal accident unless Max signs over his car and gives them a large amount of money. Max knows he is being set up, but when he tries to call the police, his blackmailers viciously attack and kill him. Love is taken to hospital with serious injuries and, on regaining consciousness, soon learns that her idyllic life has come to an end. Distraught with grief, she cannot accept the death of the man she loved.
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lyubov zi zbroyeyu





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