La Ronca de Oro

La Ronca de Oro

La Ronca de Oro – English Subtitles (The Voice of Freedom, Helenita Vargas)

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La Ronca De Oro - English Subtitles

La Ronca de Oro

This is the story of Helena Vargas, a Colombian singer who longed to be free during a terribly machista time (the fifties), when women had more duties than rights and were expected to be only wives and mothers. Helena found in Mexican music a way to express her deep desire for freedom, overcoming all obstacles in a prejudiced society, beginning with her family. This Mexican music after years of struggle, would bring her success, but was also the origin of the worst humiliations. They also became the soundtrack of her two great loves: one that almost put an end to her life, and another one that filled her days with happiness.
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The Voice of Freedom, Helenita Vargas





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