Hello guys, I need your feedback regarding new developments.
First things first, when you get “500 internal server error” when you open the website try again after 2 minutes & it will open, this is a problem that appears whenever I post a new post & goes away after few minutes, if anyone could help me troubleshoot this problem I’m all ears because I could not get help from our web host. Also it’s a good idea to keep following all our accounts on social networks in case one get’s shutdown you don’t lose contact with us.
Now for the most important thing, we might change the method we post episodes with & this is particularly important for Telenovelas listed below.
– Un Camino Hacia El Destino
– Antes Meurta Que Lichita
– Pasión y Poder
– Sueño de amor
– Yago
– Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse
– Any new Upcoming Telenovela we get our hands on
So I need your feedback on this, we can post episodes of these Telenovelas & upcoming new ones fast, I mean like 5 hours after episodes air on tv kind of fast, thats for the currently airing Telenovelas & multiple episodes a day for the Telenovelas listed above which ended airing. But here is the rub, the subtitles will not be (Hardcoded) onto the video like for example this & this, but it will be like this where you can turn the subtitles on or off by hitting the “CC” button on the player.

To Summarize:
The New Method: Subtitles are not hardcoded, you can turn them off or on by the “CC” button on the player, fast updates (An episode a day or multiple if applicable)
 The Old Method: Subtitles are hardcoded onto the video, you can’t turn them off, slow updates like 1 episode a week.
Tbh, for me it’s not much of a choice, the new method is better but I want to hear your opinion so please use the poll below or leave a comment.
Your feedback is very important.

What method do you prefer?

The New Method
The Old Method


Support Team

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you blocked me for no reason from ur facebook page
i was just asking about resolution and the next thing i know is that i cannot comment or like any of your videos or picture u post on your facebook page