Hey folks, as you may probably know now we’re moving out soon to “JustBingeIt.pw” and to avoid confusions me & Jess decided to write this Q & A article to explain this in details.

WHY move now?

We will answer it in points:

  • Costs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ : Hosting is costing us a lot and now having to only care about releasing episodes will be easier for us.
  • Better Navigation: JustBingeIt is simply better for us and it’s way way easier to post links, create tv show pages etc, you can create yourself an account and manage watchlist and many more things and most important thing of all, we will be able to post more episodes (After we complete the move).
  • Hadcoded Subtitles: We will get help by JustBingeIt to burn the subtitles to the videos to all episodes we release which a lot of you has been asking for.
  • Download Option: We are looking for a way to provide download options to everything we share in the next few weeks.

“Moving out” Do you mean you’re done? no more new episodes?

Not at all, we are just moving our content to a new website and we will continue releasing episodes in there.

What will happen to WLEXT.NET?

It will stay open until we move everything to JustBingeIt, after that WLEXT will be redirected to JustBingeIt.pw automatically, so nothing changes for the ordinary viewer, but please pay attention: new episodes are only posted on JustBingeIt, right now WLEXT.NET is just an archive of our old content until we move everything.

Who will be running things now?

“JustBingeIt.pw” was established by a dear friend and that’s why he accepted hosting us, even though they are newer to the scene than us but us combined we hope to achieve great things together, simply all of us will be running things interchangeably, every team member will focus on a niche, I think it’s obvious which niche we will be focusing on in the new site 🙂 .

Things that will change:

  • In JustBingeIt there will be only one central admin account that will answer “comments” and “contact us” messages, the admin account is run by all team members.
  • This following statement only concerns the people who donated for us: due to the nature of our understanding with JustBingeIt and for security reasons we could not agree on a compromise so I regret to inform you that we are discontinuing providing ads-free & download links for you, this only concerns future tv shows though, that means we will continue providing links for the current tv shows (the ones we already started), I hope you understand that this is a difficult decision but after our move it’s out of our hands (btw the list will be updated as soon as we complete our move).

Lastly, there is no ETA for completing our move as of yet, if you have any question we will be happy to answer in the comments.

Support Team

Y Ahora Qué?

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Jabreel Abu Idris
Jabreel Abu Idris

How do we donate, I love the Ertugrul series.


you’re amazing guys.thanks so much

Heiress of Slytherin
Heiress of Slytherin

Oh my for I second I thought you’re going to shut down this website for good. Whatever you think is good and works for you admin 😀
We “beggars” cannot really complain. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!